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What we do

We specialize in small but powerful websites.

Web Design

Be Visible.

We tailor web design to your customers and boost your trust online as an expert of your product or service. We create clear, compelling web pages for small businesses like yours to help establish yourself as the authority in the local market.


Get Heard.

We make every word in your web copy count and tailored to one goal - sell your product or service. We help you to provide information in the simplest and clear way to maximize the engagement and convert readers into buyers.

Local SEO

Get Found.

We increase your visibility in the neighbourhood by promoting your local business to targeted customers and ranking high in local search results. We generate new leads and bring in new clients from people living in nearby locations.

What people saying

As marketing consultants, guys at Repa are professionals, speedy and on track with the latest technology. They are a tremendous asset in all things web-related. The ROI is well worth the investment.

Alex Petersen

How We Work



We learn about your business and your goals. We scour the web looking for similar local services and analyze their qualities and find a way of how we can make your business stand out.


Web Design

We design mock-ups to show you how your website will look. We work with you closely to ensure we're designing a website that is targeted for your audience.



We write a compelling text copy for your website based on research. We use the right keywords and niche terms to make your website visible in search engines and convert for potential customers.


Local SEO

We leverage the power of local SEO by bringing the right visitors from the neighbourhood. We optimise your website speed and content. As a result, it improves your rankings, generates traffic, and gets qualified leads.



We hand over the near to final website for your consideration. After your feedback, we add in the finishing touches. During this phase, we do robust testing to ensure your website is compatible with all devices and screen resolutions.



We test each page to make sure all links are working and that the website loads properly on all devices and browsers. We install CMS to your hosting and provide you with the manual guide of how to manage your website.

Technology stack


User Cases

What people saying

These guys are marketing experts with a deep knowledge of UX, SEO and web design. They know exactly what search engines like to see. If you are still on a fence I highly recommend you contact them asap.

Veronica Marino

Hello, we are Repa

Working for over 20 years with different startups, small businesses and professionals across the globe, we understood one thing: every single one of them is struggling to have a professional online presence even if providing outstanding services.

Over 90% of the consumers engage with a business the first time through the website, moreover, they research YellowPages and Yelp before making a purchase as well as checking reviews on Google Maps, TrustPilot, etc. By knowing only these few facts you have to be insane not to get a web presence right now.

Professionals and small businesses have the skills but don't leverage them 100% online. That's where REPA steps in with a simple idea - build a strong business image online and significantly increase trust in your business in your local area.

Repa - Your Reputation Partner.

Roman Zaytsev
Ann Karpova

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